On the way to St. Louis…

April 30, 2011

Finally leaving Nashville, we headed North, and entered Kentucky, staying overnight at Paducah. Along the way, we drove through the “Between the Lakes” park in Tennessee; you can see some distant images of Bison (not much compared to our Bison sightings you might recall from South Dakota, but hey, this is Tennessee! 😉 ). Check out our gallery for more details, as usual.

Now, many have wondered how two people can successfully co-exist in a single small automobile for extended periods, and still be friends. Here is just one of example of how that works. You can see the barn through the window? The Driver (me) thought “Hmmm… Looks like a target on that barn?” But the Photographer (Jane) said “Hey, that looks like a QUILT!” Did the discussion stop there? The next photo answers that:

You see, any possible dispute was averted by turning the car around, and getting a decent shot of the barn, which maybe DOES look  like a quilt, kinda sorta? Well, Kentucky didn’t prove to be too photogenic, but we enjoyed our stay in Paducah. It’s situated at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio rivers, and is noted for its Quilting Museum and annual Quilt Show. In the morning, we headed over towards Missouri to the west. Along the way, it was obvious that the recent heavy rains had taken their toll:

But dauntless, we plowed on, intending to cross the Mississippi on the Hwy 51 bridge. But STOP! The bridge was closed, must find alternate route.

At this point, the rain was REALLY pouring down, to the point where you could hardly see taillights ahead only a little distance. We veered north towards Cairo, and found a crossing there, letting us into Missouri. We were interested in finding the Bollinger Mill, near Millersville. This was very interesting to Jane, who’s descended from Bolingers (with ONE “l”) and Millers. At Bollinger Mill is one of 4 covered bridges in Missouri. Alas, we were not to be able to see the mill or the bridge, as the road to it was flooded out:

We were of course disappointed not to be able to see the Bollinger Mill and covered bridge, but Mother Nature rules, we were out of luck there. So we headed on north and finally reached St. Louis and our hotel there, the Drury, about 4:30 or so, time to relax a bit and then walk on over to Busch Stadium (about 3 blocks from the Drury) to pick up a baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds:

Our hotel, the Drury at the Arch, is right next to that brown skyscraper you can see to the left of the Arch. Serendipity came to us as game spectators at the Busch: We had picked a pair of seats online a few days earlier. The weather was really iffy for the game, with a high likelihood that the game would be called on account of rain. But it got off to a dry start, and the weather held through about the sixth inning, then it began to rain. Here’s where the serendipity comes in: We, by chance, were sitting under an overhang that shielded us from rain falling just ONE row in front of us! We kept dry, those with “better” seats forward were starting to leave, or breaking out their umbrellas and rain slickers. The game outcome, 3-0, was decided in favor of the Cards by one swing of catcher Yadier Molina’s bat, a 3-run homer, of which I just happen to have a photo:After Sunday night’s game, we spent two more days in St. Louis, which will be reported later…


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