Branson, MO to Fayetteville, AR

April 20, 2011

Before we left Branson on Saturday morning, we wanted to look at just one more museum: “The World’s Largest Toy Museum,” is at least how it’s advertised and hyped:

After entering and looking around through all the shelves and aisles of this unique place, we decided that it really shouldn’t be called a museum, it should be called a collection! It has unbelievably large collections of every which kind of toy you can imagine: Matchbox cars, dolls, trucks, games, yada yada. Jane opines that if it deserved the title of “museum,” its exhibits would be historically arrayed, but that’s just not the case. There’s just a pot pourri of different goodies, arranged in no particular order, not even appearing to be catalogued. Not that it wasn’t fun to visit – Here’s Raggedy Anne swinging away:

There was a sort of a “Christian” theme about the toy exhibits, with little Bible quotations in front of racks of Matchbox cars, and most exhibits. Also, an old-time author, Harold Bell Wright, who wrote “Shepherd of the Hills,” was eulogized in a little worshipful video showing continuously in one part of the “museum.” Jane enjoyed discussing the scene with the day’s manager.

After we left the Toy Museum, we went for one last time down to Branson’s waterfront, where I made an exciting discovery. Now I know where Costco’s Kirkland Chickens come from!

In our gallery for the day, you can see evidence of a delightful little side visit we took to “Dogwood Canyon,” where the sun favored us for awhile, and we caught a nice break with some good Missouri scenery. (Last before getting into Arkansas).

Fayetteville, home of the You of Ark (Univ. of Arkansas) beckoned to us not only as a reputedly beautiful city, but also an old college friend of mine, Chuck Caldwell, spent his career there as an E.E. professor at the University. At the risk of dating myself, I won’t say exactly how many years it had been, but many it has! 😉 So Chuck met us for dinner at Herman’s restaurant, a local hangout for good Q and other meaty delights. Here we are:

After dinner, Chuck led us out to the Fayetteville airport, where his Rutan Defiant homebuilt (a 20-year project) is hangared. Right now, many of the plane’s parts were out for painting, but Chuck expects to have it airworthy again by the end of the month. If you check out today’s gallery, you can see Chuck alongside this twin-engine machine, and you’ll also see a photo of Bill & Hillary Clinton’s first home, on the U of A campus, AND what was perhaps Bill’s favorite store in town?

By now, we’ve left Fayetteville far behind, spent some quality time in Memphis, and we’re now housed in Nashville. So there’s more to come, more to come! Gotta run now, Jane’s Birthday is tomorrow…


2 Responses to “Branson, MO to Fayetteville, AR”

  1. Jan Fenwick said

    HEY JANE — happy, happy birthday!! You are young enough to still be counting! HOW are you going to celebrate? Are you near Elvis’s?? Have FUN! Jan

  2. Hi Jan! Let’s just say Jane is young enough that she hasn’t lost count, but old enough that she might like to forget what it is? We’re past Elvis now, in Nashville. Going to Grand Ol Opry tonight! Thanks for your comments.

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