New Mexico, Over and Out…

November 25, 2009

The UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell, NM

We spent Saturday night in Roswell; I was hoping to see for myself the UFO museum there – It was our first stop. As I saw it, the raison d’etre for the place is to basically document the reality of the existence of aliens as they have come to Earth, or made various mysterious appearances over the years. Roswell became the center of this when in 1947, an alien spacecraft (it’s said) crashed into the desert just north of the town. There were several witnesses to the event, but the Government quickly moved in to suppress any knowledge of it. All records kept by the G were highly classified, but I guess became de-classified over the intervening years. You’ll see in the gallery an excerpt from a classified scientific report originated by government scientists, describing two different strains of aliens, and speculating that they may have come from two different planets. Then there was that politician over there on the left; he wasn’t happy at all with what he saw!

OK, OK, I know the last blog entry left something dangling, so let’s deal with that right here and now! Remember I said how a traveling Doc had suggested something about a “Hurd” gallery that we might visit? So there we were, cruising along Hwy 70 westward through some really pretty country. At 70 MPH, it was easy to pass up the “Hurd Gallery” sign; but having seen it, I said, “Hey Jane, isn’t that the gallery that guy was talking about back in Ft. Stockton?” So we decided to drop in, took the next exit and looped down into the valley of San Patricio. We pulled up to the Gallery, and there wasn’t a soul around it. I looked closer at the sign; “Closed Sundays.” Shoot! So I took a couple of snaps of the place, and was about to get back in the car to go, when a pickup truck came down the driveway. The guy driving stopped, jumped out, and said “Hi, I’m Michael.” He asked me what we were doing. I explained we were just touring, had come the long way around the U.S. from California, had heard about this gallery, and would like to have seen it, if we hadn’t blown the schedule. “Well,” he said, “I can show you around, don’t want you coming all that distance without seeing it!”

To backtrack a little, I have to say that probably my favorite American artist is Andrew Wyeth; who was this guy driving the pickup? His name is Michael Hurd, and Andrew Wyeth was his uncle! Not only that, N.C. Wyeth was his granddad. Moreover, his father, Peter Hurd (who’d established the Hurd Gallery), and his mother, Henriette Wyeth Hurd, were both accomplished painters in their own right. Michael the son is carrying on the tradition.

Jane with Michael Hurd, grandson of N.C. Wyeth

Imagine visiting a gallery full of prints and paintings from your favorite painter and family? Really nice experience, to say the least. Not that I could afford to buy any of them (many 5-figure price tags on the walls!), nonetheless it was a great happenstance. A little later Michael’s lady Tiffany showed up with her little dog; you’ll see them in the gallery. She runs the biz, lets him do the art.

Pursuant to my earlier blog “mystery,” what should I call this series of events? Was it serendipity, blind luck, a Higher Being’s watchful eye, what do you think? We’re just happy that it happened! 🙂

After we left the Hurd, we drove on to see the Hubbard Museum of the American West, in Ruidoso Downs. Good collection of western artifacts.

Ride 'em Cowboys!

After leaving the Hubbard, we drove up to Cloudcroft, in the neighborhood of 9,000 feet up there. Beautiful little town; we climbed up to the tower of the Lodge at Cloudcroft, which you can see in the gallery, of all places? 😉 By this time I was getting a bit anxious about our remaining daylight hours, as our next destination was the White Sands National Monument. We did get there, but there was just barely enough Sun to light the dunes. Here’s a sunset pano I took:

Sunset over White Sands

I kinda liked this profile of a girl and her dog atop a dune, silhouetted against the fading sky:

Girl and dog on dune at White Sands

We spent the night in Las Cruces, along the I-10, and heading west, finally stopped for lunch and gas(oline) at Lordsburg, not far east of the Arizona border.  Judging from this sign, we were leaving New Mexico none too soon!Now we’re in Arizona just out of Tucson; the big trip is starting to wind down, it seems. We’ll spend tonight in the Phoenix area, then chug on over to Palm Desert, CA tomorrow just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner with Jane’s sister and brother-in-law. We’ll be in touch…


One Response to “New Mexico, Over and Out…”

  1. Gerry said

    But the scenery is beautiful. I like the picture of the girl and the dog and the sand. Great photography. Should enter it in a photo contest. Love Gerry

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