October 7, 2009

P1180586Friends, I don’t want to say that driving in Boston can be difficult, but there’s a self-portrait of me after finally dropping Jane off at the Back Bay Hotel, where she joined her college roommates for their annual reunion. (Actually, it’s “Self Portrait of a Warrior,” by Kokoschka, but more about that in the gallery?) By all indications, they had a good time together, seeing all of the sights reachable by foot from their well-situated Back Bay location. (Though at one point they elected to take a “Duck Tour” of Boston via waterborne touring craft) Here’s a Back Bay view on a good day:

Skyline view from Boston's Back Bay

Skyline view from Boston's Back Bay

Jane is very creative with the camera even when she is NOT shooting through the windshield, witness this reflection shot of tall buildings off a modern glass skyscraper:

Skyscrapers reflected off skyscraper, Boston

Skyscrapers reflected off skyscraper, Boston

Just as an idea of how sweet it is to drive in Boston, to pick Jane up on a rainy Saturday morning, I elected to follow my Prius’s navigator lady’s advice totally. So, I cruised up I93 (“Big Dig” country), and upon NL’s advice, headed West on I90 AKA “Mass Pike.” NL directed me all the way west to Cambridge, paid my $1.25 toll to exit there, then crossed over, re-entered I90 east, paid another $1.25 to exit near Jane’s hotel. Sigh… But, we decided to visit Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts while we were in town, and headed off in that direction, a little easier to find, fortunately. While we ate at the Museum restaurant, I got intrigued with this infinite parade of glass vases:

A Myriad of Reflections, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

A Myriad of Reflections, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

We had only a short window of opportunity to visit the Museum, so we viewed the Greene & Greene architectural exhibit there, and also viewed some obscure paintings by some famous painters. For example, take a look at this one, can you guess the artist’s name?

Drawing of a famous artist's girlfriend, Boston MFA

Drawing of a famous artist's girlfriend, Boston MFA

I won’t spill the beans within the blog here, but maybe if you check the gallery, the mystery will be solved? 😉 Here’s another guesser for you, yet another anonymous famous artist’s work:

Nude on a Couch, by Whom?

Nude on a Couch, by Whom?

Again, see what the gallery has to say about this artist. A caution about the gallery format: If you open the gallery from the link, you’ll see thumbnails of the images, with cropped captions beneath each thumbnail. If you then select “Slideshow,” the captions, alas, will disappear. To full view captions, view the images you want to see up close individually, by double-clicking on your chosen image. Then the caption will appear in full. Sorry about that.

Down here in Providence/Pawtucket, we’ve been painting, repairing, gluing, helping our daughter Heidi get fully set-up in her new Pawtucket condo. It’s looking good now, we’re almost ready to move on. We DID, however, take a day to drive west to Hartford, CT, and managed to pick up some great budding fall scenery along the way. Next blog entry, we’ll share what we found.


2 Responses to “Boston”

  1. Jan Fenwick said

    John and Jane! Have been enjoying your journey vicariously – especially with such fantastic photographs to accompany your great dialogues!! I thought maybe from the Boston Museum you might send along some of the Duveneck’s art! I was so surprised to find a Frank Duveneck sculpture there! Keep up the blogs, really fun! Love, Jan

  2. Cheryl & Jeff said

    Hey YOu Two, So happy to stay tuned re: your wonderful sojourn. John, your
    photos are really great and Jane, didn’t know that you were a sailor!!! All’s well
    out here in CA and hope that all good adventures continue to beckon both of
    you. Love, Cheryl & Jeff

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