Whizzing through IN, OH, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, and so forth…

October 1, 2009

Here it is the first of October already, been away from home a month! Luckily for our “home on wheels,” the Prius, I took her in for a “routine” oil change yesterday, and got the news from the Service Manager that the water pump needed replacing. Good to find out in time, I think! Looks like the end of story comes first today; I’ll show you my new helper for some “Daddy Do” tasks I’m doing for our younger daughter Heidi, who has just acquired a condo in Pawtucket, RI. Here’s Stuart Little, my furry little assistant:

Stuart Little, ready to measure something with the tapeJane crouches before procuring my daily fruit supplyIt turns out I NEED a new assistant, as I dropped off my #1 helper, Jane, in Boston yesterday so she could re-une with her college roommates for a few days, an annual tradition not to be broken this year. But we’re getting ahead of the story a bit. Here’s my cute little helper at Jacob’s Family Orchard, a fruit market in New Castle, IN. As you might remember, we’d spent the previous night in Crawfordsville, IN, and as usual, the weather forecast for the next day looked bleak. But the fog and overcast lifted as we were leaving Noblesville, and it got downright purty thereafter. But it is interesting, the things you can see on side roads away from the Freeway, for example, on Rte 32, west of Noblesville, it looked like some farmer had filled his barnyard with all kinds of creative contraptions:

Farmyard full of dinosaurs and other paraphernalia...We did want to make some good headway east that day, so we drove along I70 as long as we could stand it, then headed northeast to try to see Ohio Wesleyan University in the town of Delaware. After that, we kept trudging east, finally finished for the day at Millersburg, along Rte. 62. We would’ve gotten there earlier if we hadn’t succumbed to the temptation to see our first covered bridge of the trip:

A covered bridge west of Millersburg, OH

A covered bridge west of Millersburg, OH

Millersburg happens to be smack dab in the middle of Ohio Amish country. In fact, we started the next day with breakfast in Charm, a little village seemingly totally Amish, if such a thing is possible. I talked to a bearded fellow on the the porch, (Ramon, I think,) and it was kind of like aliens from two different worlds talking, but we did manage to discuss the similarities and differences between birds of Ohio and California. (Ramon was selling birdhouses)

The weather was again supposed to be rainy and bad, but on the contrary, the sky was blue and full of fluffy clouds, a photographer’s delight! (See our gallery for more examples) I must give full credit to my resident “Drive-By-Shooter” Jane, who has developed a specialty in images “on-the-fly.” Witness this Ohio countryside shot as we rolled east on Rte. 62:

Ohio farm from Rte. 62, east of Millersburg

Ohio farm from Rte. 62, east of Millersburg

For this shot of the Beaver Valley nuclear power plant on the Ohio River where it borders Pennsylvania, I think she actually rolled the window down, but what a good shot!

Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Plant on the Ohio River

Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Plant on the Ohio River

Here’s the best we could do for Fall Colors at this early time in the Leaf Season, somewhere in Pennsylvania (which Jane shot through the windshield!):

A tinge of fall colors showing along a Pennsylvania roadway...

A tinge of fall colors showing along a Pennsylvania roadway...

The iPhone can be a very helpful travel tool when you’re “winging it” on the move, and aren’t always sure where you’ll wind up for the evening. As we were deciding to go straight east on I80 and not veer northward on I84, in PA, we had to quickly look for possible stopping places about the right distance east. We decided on Stroudsburg, and I used Yelp on the iPhone to check out what was available and also read reviews. We located and reserved an excellent Bed & Breakfast, the Stroudsmoor Inn, which turned out to be a really fine place, economical, with an excellent full breakfast to send us off the next day.

Finally, we reached our northeastern-most target, the state of Rhode Island, where both of our daughters live. Robyn lives in Providence, Heidi lives in Pawtucket. Travel plans are spotty for the next few days, but we’ll keep you abreast of any new developments as we blog along. If you haven’t subscribed to the e-mail update feature in our blog, please do so by scrolling all the way to the bottom of this page and following instructions given there. And don’t forget to browse the accompanying photo gallery; it’s chock full of more photos than usual, may be worth a look for you. Thanks for looking!


2 Responses to “Whizzing through IN, OH, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, and so forth…”

  1. Cheryl & Jeff said

    Fun to follow along. So glad that you saw Wall Drug and the Corn Palace. The
    trip wouldn’t have been the same I’m sure. I have visited both, including at about 5 and 13 with family. Hope you are having a good time with your kids and alum pals. Dalice and I had a great time in Ashland – drama on steroids!!! Look forward to lots of fun recalls when you return. Love, Cheryl & Jeff

  2. Sharon & Ken said

    I envy you getting to see the Eastern States with the fall colors coming out. Hope you catch some more color. I have covered the US except for the East, and that was my goal, to see all 50 before I turned 50, didnt happen. Cant complain, have seen lots of countries as well.
    My Dads wish was for me to see the ocean. I have seen more oceans, and seas, than he ever imagined!
    Enjoy your visit with the daughters and the rest of your trip.

    We just had our first frost and it was a hard one. Sharon & Ken

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