Omaha highlights and on to Iowa…

September 24, 2009

We had business reasons to visit Omaha: A new battery for Jane’s MacBook Pro (my old machine), and a document we needed to sign at Charles Schwab. We took care of the Apple issue upon arriving the evening of 9/21, and had an interesting exposure to one of the giant Walmart stores near where we stayed. We went there to get an Omaha map (9 PMish). We were met by the assistant manager, who said he could lead us to them. He struck out, and called in the stock manager, who also struck out after going over to the automotive section. After a third person also struck out, the assistant manager sent us to a nearby QuikTrip store which actually had the map. I kidded the Walmart crew that in their 5-acre store (216,000 sq. ft.!) they couldn’t find a little old map, but we WERE impressed with the service!

Two males separated by glass...

Two males separated by glass...

After clearing up the Schwab issue on the morning of 9/22, we headed for the Henry Doorly Zoo, highly recommended by some Nebraskan friends, and we now can join the chorus, it’s a GREAT zoo! On the way, we stopped at the age-old Bohemian Restaurant for a little Czech food, then went to the zoo.

We took lots of photos at the Zoo, and of course you can view many of them in the gallery, but my favorite was the mano-a-mano portrait of the Silverback Gorilla on the other side of the glass condescending to the little man in front of him, at left. But we also saw other Gorillas, many Monkeys, birds, etc., and they’re pretty well represented there in the gallery. Be sure to take a look, there’s lots to see there. I also liked one of our Kookaburra shots:

Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree...

Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree...

After leaving the Zoo, we drove over to the Missouri waterfront and walked across the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, then went to the Jocelyn Museum of Art, but unfortunately arrived past their closing time, so had to content ourselves with looking at the brand-new sculpture garden in front, with photos again showing in the gallery. But I liked this Sioux Warrior sculpture, maybe because it reminded me of Chief Crazy Horse?

Sioux Warrior on Rearing Horse, Jocelyn Art Museum

Sioux Warrior on Rearing Horse, Jocelyn Art Museum

After leaving Omaha, we headed East again on I80, with Jane hard at work capturing fleeting views of the cornfields like this one:


We spent that night in Des Moines, and we’ll see what the photo take has been since then, next time the blog is updated? Be sure to check the gallery this time, lots of cool stuff in there.


One Response to “Omaha highlights and on to Iowa…”

  1. Don McDonald said

    Hi Guys: your blog is terrific, and I’m enjoying all of the sights vicariously. Well, also in a relative sense, because I travelled your some route but 40 years ago, so the changes and many new additions are interesting. Keep up your great commentary and photos! Don

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