From Bigfork to Butte…

September 16, 2009

As we gassed up and prepared to head South from our cabin, we spotted this rustic trading post, went inside for a browse, along with a great piece of huckleberry pie, freshly homemade by the owner.
Who’d have THOUGHT that the owner and a friend would be Skype-ing with a family in Muldova? Amazing how the Internet can make a real-time connection between any two points on Earth.

On the way down, John got to check out a “wildlife sanctuary,” but the birds were pretty skimpy to see, other than a solitary hawk who scampered as we drove into the place.

Next, we stopped at Holland Lake, quite a pretty little resort area, as you can see?

There’s glamorous Jane with the Lake as backdrop.

Heading further south, an anachronism coming up the road? Had we gone through a time warp?

Butte is famous as an old mining town; we visited the World Museum of Mining to learn what we could.

This is the hoist used to move men into and out of the mine, as well as ore and waste rock (a LOT of that!), and for loading onto waiting freight cars for exportation.
And there’s Jane, in the street of a re-constructed mining town on the site. Pretty interesting place to visit!
Beautiful downtown Butte!

3 Responses to “From Bigfork to Butte…”

  1. Cheryl & Jeff said

    Hello Jane & John, Finally got on the blog – just not sure that I will be able to do it again. Your trip sounds/looks fab!! We had no idea that you had these wonderful extra relatives. NYC was terrific! May you continue to have a great time and stay away from those irrigation wheels – they can be bad for your health!! Love, Cheryl & Jeff

  2. Jo Ann said

    Hi Jane & John,
    Happy to hear you enjoyed Montana. It just happens to be where I was born. I was born in Billings. A few years ago, Bob and I took a trip to Glacier and we agree that it is a beautiful, awe inspiring place. Your mention of Lake McDonald reminded me of our cruise on the lake. We stayed at the western entry to the park.
    So enjoying following your trip.
    Jo Ann

  3. Sharon Ellis said

    Hi Jane and John. I was finally able to get to your blogsite, after Ken forwarded it to me. I enjoyed reading your travel agenda. I have been thru all the WY, SD, areas you have experienced, more than once, but has now been many years, many changes.

    Glad you are having a wonderful trip, hope it stays problem free, and you have great weather for your trip as well. I will check in periodically to see your travel log.

    Stay safe, Sharon & Ken

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