Renewing old family ties with two Montana mountain men

September 15, 2009

Saturday the 12th, we went to Whitefish (north of Kalispell) to meet with Jane’s cousins John and Mark, who have been living (in separate hovels) on a plot of timber west of Whitefish about 20 miles out in the wilderness, for about the past 30 years. I remember these two “kids” as an 11-year old and a 10-year old who “just wanted to tie a single tin can” on the bumper of our hidden car lo these many years ago on our wedding night. But they’ve been living in the mountains now for 30 years; they’re wizened old mountain men. We decided to try our luck at finding them, and we did. That’s Mark on the left, John on the right, surrounding little Jane.

As for their property, it’s a family legacy, 1/4 section (160 acres) of extremely beautiful timberland with all kinds of wildlife and a creek or two running through it. It’s a huge L-shaped lot. Here’s a view over a neighboring meadow of the inside corner of the “L.”

 A couple of views of Logan Creek, the principal stream running through the property.

How is life up there in the Montana Wilderness, you may ask? Well, picture yourself sitting on Mark’s “throne,” reading the Sunday paper, maybe working on the crossword? Except imagine that as you’re doing it, the temperature is below freezing?


2 Responses to “Renewing old family ties with two Montana mountain men”

  1. Gerry said

    My how I enjoyed your Montana pictures. Especially the pixs of Jane's relatives. Glad you all were able to hook up to them and spend some time with them. Lovely scenery, glad you're having a wonderful time and the weather is holding up for you. God bless you- be safe. Where to next? Ah, a picture tells 1000 words. Gerry

  2. Deb said

    Hi, Jane and John !
    Thoroughly enjoying the blog and taking the "road less traveled" along with you. What an amazingly beautiful country we live in!

    Looking forward to your next post…
    Happy Trails!

    Deb H.

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