Smoke Signals from the Swan River…

September 13, 2009

This is “catch-up” day Sunday; we’ve been living in a cabin on the Swan River near Bigfork, over on the East side of Flathead Lake. No Wi-Fi in the cabin, but finally I couldn’t take the procrastination anymore, so I’m sitting outside the main lodge right now on a lawn chair, trying to get this durn blog updated! So let’s see, having left off at September 7, where did we go from there?

Well, we headed on into Montana, that’s where! The land of the Big Sky, for sure. When we got into the state, heading for our destination East of the Flathead Lake, we saw scenes like the one posted here, really beautiful, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping scenery almost everywhere.

On the front lawn of our cabin, we have the services of some professional lawn mowers. Here’s one of them now!

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