First Day on the Road!

September 2, 2009

We loaded up the Prius this morning, with (probably) more than enough stuff to carry us through the 3 upcoming months and geographical varieties. Surprisingly, there was still room for two humans to sit in relative comfort and face the road! Then we headed on up the road after a late breakfast in town, up I680 to I80 to I505 to I5, ending up in Weed, CA. Here are a few snaps we took along the way, the 1st one along I80, then on I5 heading North with Mt. Shasta looming into view, and finally, from behind the restaurant where we ate at Weed, a view of Mt. Shasta at dusk.


6 Responses to “First Day on the Road!”

  1. Thomas said

    Hi John & Jane;

    I wish I'd known you would be passing by Mt. Shasta City. There's a great Best Western there – "The Tree House." It serves a wonderful breakfast and has a friendly staff.

    Have a wonderful journey!



    ps: Is the photo of you two from your B'Day party?

  2. dbg said

    Looks like fun!
    Too bad about Snow Leopard. Eager Beavers get it in the tail…
    I've switched one of 3 computers to Snow Leopard so far, with no problems noticed as yet.
    Dave Gustavson

  3. Jo Ann said

    Hi Jane and John,
    What a wonderful trip you have planned. Thanks for including us in your Blog. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing all your adventures. Bob and I will be heading up this highway to Ashland in October.
    Jo Ann and Bob

  4. jthurber said

    I think we're all jealous. Thanks for putting together what should be a great travel blog.

  5. Renovation Junky said

    Happy Trails! We're following along and looking forward to a few geography lessons for the family. Love the blog. Kristin, Norm et al.

  6. Gerry said

    HI John and Jane,
    So where are you now, somewhere in Montana? Haven't heard. The pictures are great and me thinks you are doing a fine job in driving and taking pictures, both of you. We've had two sunny days since you left. Colton sends his love Sis & Dale and Colton

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