August 31, 2009

Just feeling our way along prior to departure, we’re staying in a neighbor’s house while they’re in Boston, having leased out our own place to a family with a remodeling emergency.

But here’s the frustration: I have this AT&T laptop connect card that I planned to use with my cool new MacBook Pro to connect with blogging and other miscellany along the way. Bright idea: Install Snow Leopard, might as well have the latest OS, right? 😦 Wrong. It turns out that Snow Leopard is compatible with nearly everything on my disk drive, EXCEPT the software that connects to the laptop card! Apple & AT&T both tell me that there’s no way to proceed, unless I revert to Leopard. Well, it so happens that my old Mac that my wife’s using IS running Leopard, and here we are… Dauntless, they plod on!
Tomorrow, the last day of August, we’ll get everything into readiness for our departure on Tuesday morning, September 1. Stay tuned!

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  1. Daniel Sonkin said

    What a wonderful idea, John. There is no better way to get a feel of America than to travel across it by car. I look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing all the incredible photographs. BTW, sometimes the early bird (or snow leopard as in this case) doesn't catch the worm. I hold back on those on those upgrades for a few months in fear of just this – the thing you need the most is least compatible. Glad you had a backup plan. Have a great trip!

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