First Post

August 27, 2009

We’re about to embark on our “Adventure of a Lifetime,” a 3-month driving tour of various places in the the U.S.A. Starting from where we live in Northern California, we’ll go north to Ashland, then Portland, then Mt. Vernon, then head east for Montana, South Dakota, Illinois, … , then winding up in Rhode Island, where both of our daughters live, around the 1st of October. More later; we’ll post as often as is possible and interesting.


2 Responses to “First Post”

  1. joanr said

    What a great idea! Where are you now? We're in Polson Mt right now–are you around here too? 406-883-5453.

  2. Allen said

    John, Hell's Canyon, on the Snake River is a great place to visit. It requires a trip up into the mountains. My old Lotus made it.
    Enjoy, and take lots of pics. Can you install a partition on your hard drive? I ran Windows on my wife's Mac Pro, and between the two OS, nothing was impossible.

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